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An Example of a Paradogmatic Fallacy

Aktualisiert: 29. Dez. 2020

Watch this video first before reading any further.

So, what did you see, and why do you think we posted it here?

Here's why:

We' like to use this video as a good example for what we call "paradogmatic thinking".

Please, grant us the credit that we don't dispute that people are suffering and need help and so on. But it's really not about schizophrenics and their ordeal here.

This whole project here certainly isn't about a combat of opinions, of which one is right and then the other necessarily wrong. It is simply about gaining additional information by deduction, by a conscious choice to look from an alternative perspective. And thus enlarging the space in which one can move to seek solutions.

Conscious Evolution is about learning to think and look from a completely different angle, often simply reversed, with the curiosity of what might then be seen. Driven, solely, by curiosity in a quest for detecting collective blind spots.

And already that, thinking in a frame of "no combat of opinions", is a paradigm-shift many people can't assume for even a fraction of a second. So emmersed are we in a system classified by winners and loosers and self-reaffirming echo-chamber mentality.

And believe us, we are facing a lot of that type of thinking. And since that is an inescapablehe averse reaction of the Structure, we don't take it too personally.

The only relevant question for us is, can you and will you try a change of assumptions here?

What this clip then could be describing, in essence, is that schizophrenic people see reality as it is. While normal people live in a brain generated illusion.

Since schizophrenics are considered to be the sick -as sickness means deviation from and maladjustment to the norm- the conclusion is that they must be medicated to become normal.

It is even literally called "to function" in this video.

In other words, they receive heavy medication that fries their brain to see an illusion. And that is "good" in the sense that the afflicted suffer less. (Or at least so it seems.) End of this paradigmatic story.

Now, the so called schizophrenic obviously has an extra capacity to perceive reality more closely as average people can.

What then if they are like seers, in a society that doesn't appreciate seeing?

What if, then, "naturally" they are alienated from early childhood on due to a lack proper feedback loops, for all they hear is that they are wrong, and from there they develop a self-enhanced loop in their interior that drives them mad?

What if the truly sick is the brooker that uses cum-ex-deals to make billions of illegitimate money, betraying his kin for a gain that does not serve or is even obviously harmful to many?

What if a society where functionality is defined by one's ableness and willingness to cope with wage-slavery in a non-species-appropriate lifestyle that ruins the very base of our survival is the truly sick way of looking at things?

To us it seems that being well adjusted to an obviously profoundly sick society does not prove health.

Seriously, we'd one day like to be invited for a discussion of this. Elaborating further would burst the frame of this blog-post.


Kaptain Kirk

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