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You found the way to the website of the Conscious Evolution Network.

The connecting link between the people who see themselves as part of this project are thoughts from a document we call "The Essay", in the absence of a better name.

The aim is to create an open process community into the unknown.

It all started in late summer 2014.

Since then, there have already been various meetings and experiments with different focusses and of various length and with varying participants.

Some meetings were conducted around understanding the working hypothesis.  Others have been practical experiments emplyoing the suggested tools like the King's Card Game.

The longest meeting has been an open three months group-experiment in Austria.

After that, a group of participants has been working in Leipzig on writing a book about the working hypothesis and the findings of the experiments.

The network is organized with emailing lists.

By signing up to our irregular and spam-free newsletter, you get access to the main list.

Everybody can bring in ideas and organize meetings around the Essay under the conditions that he/she likes to suggest.

Every invitation is different, every meeting is different.


1. Since Google searches for the King's Card Game show an entry of the ZEGG community with which we are neither connected nor feel connected, we consider this statement to be appropriate.

2. Due to the recent
accusations against the community Go&Change in Lülsfeld, with which we are also neither personally nor in any other form in contact, as well as the direct involvement of some protagonists of the "Group Lesbos" (originally residing at ZEGG) in the shaping of life there, we consider it absolutely necessary to insert this explicit distancing here:

Competence hierarchy without hierarchy competence is nothing but despotism disguised.

We stand for hierarchy competence, not for  competence hierarchy.


Without reliable, clearly defined feedback mechanisms as well as a reliable legal status of the participants, as both is the case in our King's Card Game, we believe that problematic developments will always and inevitably occur.
Exactly as it is almost prophetically
described and substantiated in our book.

The simplified exculpation

No complaint = No conviction = No misconduct

we explicitly reject as a shift of discourse.


The dominant and unchallengeable hierarchical structure we ourselves experienced during a visit at this rather dubious "community" is thereby neglected and disguised. This rigid structure there is intentionally created and maintained, but to us it is nonetheless archaic and  extremely dangerous.

In times of polarizing filter bubbles, right-wing infiltration, increasing sectarianism and also the #metoo movement, it should be evident how dangerous and egocentric this argumentation is.


3. In this context it should also be explicitly pointed out that the project Conscious Evolution does not have or has had any connection to the "healing biotope" Tamera.
On the contrary, the project Conscious Evolution was created as an attempt to answer the problem of the
guru paradox which was observable there for the original initiators.


The fact that we consider the early academic works of the founder (and only them!) to be worth reading does not imply any proximity to today's sometimes obscure views, just as a reference to Freud would not prove the approval of his patriarchal, misogynist thought and behaviour patterns. As much as the quotation of Wilhelm Reich's Fascism Theory does not mean that we build "Orgone accumulators" during our weekends.

Finally, we have nothing in common with a certain Barbara Marx Hubbard. The congruency in name is merely accidental.

Hail Discordia!

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