The Project
The basic draft of the project had been sketched in 2014 with a pamphlet that spread through private networks.
Since early 2015 we have been organizing experimental group spaces using the King’s Card Game. The theoretical framework has been laid out in a working hypothesis, originally voiced in said treatise that we now call ‘the Essay’.

You get a free download link of the Essay, the original text that sparked the project, by subscribing to our newsletter. You also become part of our interactive mailing list.

In our research we have gathered considerable understanding of group dynamics. Our observations and conclusions have been summarized in a book. Find out more about it here

Apart from organizing experiments, we also offer our expertise to support groups, collectives and communities on their path towards the new story.

You can find details here.

In our blog you may find some interesting posts around the subject.

More than anything, we hope you will join us one way or another.

We wish a pleasant, or should we say: world-view shattering, time on our website.

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