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>>> During the experiment I became able to see structures of myself that previously I had no idea existed. Especially by the three months time-span an insensity and depth of work has been enabled that I/we would not have been able to plough through in a short-framed meeting. The setting of the group and the working hypothesis of the Essay have been the ground on which such an intensive and dynamic process could have happened. I am convinced that the methods of the Conscious Evolution Movement enable development in places where no other current approach for community building ever leads.


>>> Every day felt like a whole year. Never before have I so frequently moved outside my comfort zone and enjoyed it as much. The moment I became aware that I do not have to hold onto anything anymore felt like enlightenment. What had been inconceivable yesterday today has become pleasurable reality. The times when I as the mother am not the right person to care, there’s at least one other being exactly in the right place to take care for my child.


>>> I am more than I thought.

This process is by far the most interesting hing I can imagine to pursue since having finished my degree … perspectives open.

The project is as clear cut as can currently be.


>>> I am proud of the project and impressed by the developments of those that have taken part. It fills me with joy that a new group has formed to initiate the next steps, I am overwhelmed with emotion that through the donations received this won’t have to be financed privately any longer, and the growing conviction that the approach holds the promise that something inside and outside can shift at an possibly unprecedented pace fills me with hope. That there’d be a day someone appreciates my softness I would not have dreamt of a short while ago, and I’d think said softness only came into existence since through the project I learn to see structure rather than opponents. I am excited.


>>> Literally all topics are placed put into the center and worked through with an array of tools.

What has become visible here, the processes and developments has no comparison.

(Group)process ranks first, efficiency is not the goal, yet in most cases the result.

To experience that one is not alone with one's topics, not left alone, but supported by the group, I have no reference for this level of solidarity.

To realise that one is entitled to show what fears, sadness and anger one harbours, and than not only is not rejected, but welcome, is the first insight. To the realise that one is actually even requested to show what lies hidden behind the mask, and that that is OK, is the next insight. Fundamental paradigm shift.


>>> 1. Ten years of personality development in 5,5 weeks.

2. I don't know anything more exciting than to sit with six people in a circle.

3. Unplug the finger of shame from your butt.

4. Finally my wife goes to bed with other men.

5. One's own breakdown as the source of inspiration.

6. It hurts and I want to continue.



from 15.1.-15..4.2017

in Austria.

we were 4 caretakers, 3 sharetakers und 1 Adventurer.

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