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>>> The meeting has been a huge success, the validity of the King’s Card game to make structures transparent and enable alternative developments has been proven beyond doubt, it’s a strong catalyst.

The developments and results went way beyond what I’d have dreamt of and I’m still shaken by how much commitment there's been with everybody to go all the way.

I can honestly say that there’s nothing I look more forward to than that the project may continue in whatever way it may.


>>> 1. I can call the 10-day experiment "my first radical experience of group living". I define that as letting go of one's convictions or even personal preferences, and being guided primarily by the group process.

2. Through a conscious decision and concrete commitments that made me accountable to the group, I was able to shift my perspective from structure-dominated to, at times, something akin to integral level consciousness.

3. I now have a practical, directly lived experience on which I can ground my understanding of the theoretical concepts of the essay, namely: structure as conditioned, addictive, and not indissociable from oneself; the surrender to a group process as the primary means of dismantling structure; the power of a group who communicates in ways that are different from the "ordinary", i.e. conditioned (in other words: to see the habitual as necessarily structural and, therefore, to consciously decide for the new at every moment).


>>> 1. ) My inner level of participation is higher when I know that there is no group leader, I can give the responsibility for the group process .

2. ) I have again joy felt by the be together to conduct joint research with great people and prepare.

3. ) Confidence in the group body was very high as Tobias on the last evening sitting in the hot chair. 

I was forced to trust , not in an individual but in the group body .

Martin S

>>> The king's card game is a communal/more complex structure that in every moment of the game anew I decide to accept.

Do or Don't - don't try.

Empathy is a base to say hello.


>>> Pain is a state created by myself.

I am surprised how fast a process of changing can develop. 

I am ready to question everything.


>>> 1.) Making sure that you understand under a term the same thing as your conversation-partner makes talk to each other so much more successful.

2.) Go right to your fears and then go the one step beyond.

3.) Never forget that you are not the only one struggeling with your structure: all others do also.  So stay supportive and don't react with your structure to the other structure.


>>> 1. conceptually seperating the structure from yourself and/or any person leads to de-identification and therefore insight and beauty.

2. the guru-paradox is neither a real issue nor bound to an individual, but a specific form of victim-pose.

3. mirrors save lives.


>>> The game is not there to solve (personal) problems/issues (even if 8 days could be equivalent to 150 years of psychotherapy) but to develop to the next complex level of the structure.

The structure hides itself in blind spots, which one itself can not see,

so you can not trust yourself and have to give control to something

other/else, which can not be just one other person, but must be a group in which you put your trust in, because just one other person would be easily be blamed by the structure and ignored.


>>> 1. A mechanism of the Structure concealing the own inconsistencies is to switch (rather unconsciously) between different definitions of the same word, as first became visible with different definitions of trust(emotion/decision), but later became transparent also for other words, like commitment, love etc.

2. A certain style of communication and coined terms and phrases emerged during the meeting, that allowed the present group to joyfully connect with each other – however the risk of creating some in-group/out-group dynamic through reference to that terms exists and the tendency could also be seen with the new arrival of the weekend participants.

3. Keeping tools of communication process-oriented and open for development can create some unexpected outcome – and alot of joy.

Martin R

>>> 1. I can trust in the group rather than in an idividual.

2. To work with the group and its loving way to guide me to the next issue is a wonderful way to evolve and made me feel trust and supported. This was a healing experience.

3. The rules for the kingscard game, hot chair, hierarchy-free forum etc. were unexpectedly helpful at any time to keep clairity and to hold the group and its energy together. These are very powerful tools to make the group process work. Even only for the weekend it has been a very interesting time whit a lot of learning about how the essay works. A learning about trust and confidence and that we all struggle with our pattens. I am very thankful for this experience and that I had the chance to meet you all. You are very beautiful individuals.



took place 19.-28.8.2016

in 35447 Saasen.

We were 7 people for 7 days and were joined by 3 more participants for the weekend.

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