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King's Card Game - Nature-Community (Minimalistic Report)

Aktualisiert: 21. März 2020


Dear folks!

From the 5.-8.4. we played King's Card Game in the Nature Community in Bavaria.

We had been able to anticipate that a game with an established group would unfold differently from those with people of only loose interpersonal connections. That playing with only two of us rather than the usual three would additionally influence the projectional dynamics had popped up on our screens as well.

Yet these correct considerations didn't anywhere near suffice to foresee the dynamics of this memorable game. A game that has verily tested our resources and abilitiues to their very limits.

Hence it has been utterly enriching for us and a boost to our understanding and research that will influence further games in existing communities.

As soon as we have digested and structured what currently is but loosely interconnected ideas, we'll gladly publish more of our findings here.

What can and must be mentioned at this point is that the implementation of our approach into the practical life of the participants is planned, a move that fills us with joy and a feeling of success. With these additional perspectives the altered intra- and interpersonal dynamics will inevitably generate new spins.

To ensure that, the participants have agreed on consecutive meetings over the next month and have made personal committments that will be viewed in their effects within the transparency of the group. Additionally they have given a report of their experience to the whole community which we have published here. Unfortunately, it is only German.

From an evolutionary perspective we may dare to say that for the first time our impulse has reached an established community. Whatever may be the consecutive developments, the game will generate altered outcomes, thus something new might eventually emerge. Which precisely is the aim of Conscious Evolution.

We hereby express our gratitude towards all participants. Each of us placed her head at least once into the lion's throat. We also like saying thanks for the hospitality and the donations, but most of all for the appreciation of our work.

For now, this is it from one of the centres of the multiverse.

Lt. Commander Data

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