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Arrived in Bavaria.

Dear Evolutioners!

We're happy to announce that we found a writing-oasis, the nature community in bavaria.

We were invited there as a reaction to our "help us"-newsletter.

We're well and really pleased with our own three-room-bungalow.

Ahoi! We can work here ;-)


We wrote that we wanted to visit a community in Franconia.

A community that works with Spiral Dynamics and cares about transparency, as they say about themselves.

After we discovered, through coincidence, that they have had a scabies-treatment two weeks ago, we left spontaneously.

This lack of transparency and the handling of the issue is shocking us.

As we see it, to hold back this information with the reasoning "The risk of infection is not as high as in the subway", is a patriarchal paternalism and a breach of trust.

Well, we gladly decide for our own!

The treatment dates two weeks back, but it is only after six weeks without symptoms you can be sure to have defeated the scabies.

So, we advise not to visit this community in Franconia, at this point.

In case you planned to make a visit and have questions about the situation, please write a personal email.

Apart from that, we're fine! Thank you for your support.

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