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Three Visitors & the King's Card Game

Aktualisiert: 23. Juni 2020

Dear friends and supporters of the project!

'Basically', until yesterday we had thought this entry to be but a simple 'Hello' from us:

We have had three visitors simultaniously here in Leipzig for a couple of days, all of them paricipants of previous experiments.

That has been a merry reunion!

And all of us were eager to play the King's Card Game again.

So from Thursday to Monday we played with seven people. (With what by now may well be called the usual process acceleration and deepening.)

This week again we expect visitors.

And remember, you're all welcome!

Well, basically, this should have been it ...

Alien Beachwear. :-)

Yet, for us inhabitants of the Creative-Co-housing, we had also support of the enlarged group in mind, raking through our internal organisation and developing it.

For various reasons. On one hand using the King's Card Game as structure didn't seem feasible with just four people, it lacks dynamics. On the other hand, here in Leipzig we're not gathered primarily to experiment and research. That's planned for NEXT.STEP. Yet here in the interim, we want to push the writing of the book as top-priority. And that requires clear working times and task assignments, while the game absolutely prioritises process over goal.

The breakthrough happened last night, quite unexpectedly.

And all of us find this shift uplifting and verily, we are curious how this may unfold:

The King is dead, long live the Captain!

For the duration of next week, Pauline will navigate the group's organisation as our Captain.

The suggestion has been made by a friend of the project.

It came to some surprise to what extend this suggestion has been immediately received with joy by all.

The Captain will not be an absolute monarch as is the King, but for the duration of working times holds decision-making authority in order to foster the writing process. Alomost like a boss at work, but welcomed and wanted by all. ;-)

In a way we can surely say that our experiences with being lead by others in our previous experiments have empowered each of us to give up autonomy-retention. Truly remarkable, for there ain't no vetoes or any other checks and balances, the whole decisive power during work and group times lies with the Captain.

Who establishes anything like that?

Well, we do.

Trust and commitment are growing.

Long live the King!

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