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Aktualisiert: 26. Mai 2020

" Consensus ... hundreds of groups are attempting to use this process. All of them are failing for reasons you so aptly describe in your paper."

- C.T. Butler

The project has just been contacted by one of the inventors of the modern version of the "Consensus"-method, C.T. Butler.

He seems very much in accordance with our reasonings and conclusions, and we look forward to maybe meet the man some time this year. The Occupy Movement had used 'Consensus' as their method and then, shortly after, abolished it. He noted that actually noone he ever met there even read his books, instead they used the name of the method for own derivatives of it. Which then did not bring the desired success.

When he repeatedly drew their attention to the fact that they actually did not practice consensus, he was insulted and once even physically attacked... That is in accordance with our opinion:

No matter what method you employ, if it is solution oriented (like let's say Non-Violent-Communication or Consensus are), it neglects the conditioning of globalized man, huckster of everything including love, and thus any method has to become fascist or dogmatic sooner rather than later, because it is unconsciously being used as a control strategy tool.

At this point this is also a hint to those who practice the "King's Card Game" without the background of the working hypothesis. Without the backing of a previously clarified frame of reference and a verifiable commitment, the game is at most good for a fun experience. C.T.'s first book on 'Consensus' from 1970 is not available as fresh print, he granted us the link to the pdf. He said we'd find pretty much exactly that there: Commitment and a set of values, crucial points which he says most people miss. We enable you here to look at this yourself.

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